Love Spells with Hair – How to Perform Love Spells with Hair

How to Perform Love Spells with Hair

Love spells may require hair, nail clippings, a photo or even the first name of the person whose heart you want to win. Either of these will work. They simply serve to better concentrate in the person during the ritual. Some people will insist on using hair believing that it will work best because it is more personal. So I will tell you how to do love spells with hair.

Keep in mind that being caught collecting someone’s hair may get you in trouble since he will think you are up to harming him and not just doing a make him love me spell. I’m pretty sure there have been people who were beaten down as a result. Hair is one of the most difficult magickal materials to get. That’s why I will also give you another spell to attract love where you won’t need hair.

Love Spells with Hair

  1. Cut 3 hairs preferably from near the nape of the person while she is sleeping. If you are close friends, you can accompany her to her room and get them from his pillow. Try to collect the 3 hairs all at once or else the opportunity to collect the rest may never come.
  2. Tie the hair
  3. Carry them in a charm bag for a few days to absorb your desire.
  4. Hide the charm bag in the crack of a tree so that the person’s love for you will grow with the tree. Ideally, it can be a romantic tree such as an apple, hazel, ash, hawthorn or elder. If you don’t find any of these, don’t let this stop you. Any tree will be fine.

Make Him Love Me Spell

For this spell to attract love, you don’t need hair, nail clippings, a photo or even the first name of the person. Thus it doesn’t matter if you vaguely know him.

  1. Anoint a lodestone with one drop each of essential oils of cardamom, frankincense, and sandalwood, plus some of your sweat. If you’re unfamiliar with a lodestone you may think its hard to get but it’s usually not. You can look for it in an occult or a crystal shop, sometimes even in a herb shop. If you really have no way to get it, replace it with a common stone.
  2. Wrap the anointed lodestone in red flannel, folding it towards you.
  3. Carry the packet within easy reach until the next time you see the person. Rub your hand on the packet and touch him immediately. This can be done during a date or if you come across him anywhere when you greet him.

You may find yourself in a dilemma about which of the 2 spells to use. Both will work well. So use the one that goes best with your circumstances. You can even use love spells with hair on a number of people.

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