What information do you need to cast a magick spell for me?

Either full names and birth dates or photos.

How soon after I place my order will you start to work on my problem?

Within 2 days.

How high is your success rate?


Are results permanent?


What are your payment methods?

Western Union and Money Gram.

Do I need to do anything for the magick to work?

No. We take care of everything.

How much time does it take for results?

10 days or less.

What if there are no results after 10 days?

With us you pay for results. Assuming that you don’t get them, we can either recast or refund your payment.

Are your magick spells dangerous or do they backfire?

No. Our spells are designed to bring nothing but the best positive results both for you and those around you. Plus, we only cast beneficial spells. There is nothing negative or dangerous in that.