Are Love Spells Real?

It’s a question many people have deep inside. They’ve read or heard about love spells in the media or from friends and family. Because we all have problems and are looking for solutions, if love spells work they would greatly assist us. So let’s look at some facts. Read more

Love Spells with Hair – How to Perform Love Spells with Hair

Love spells may require hair, nail clippings, a photo or even the first name of the person whose heart you want to win. Either of these will work. They simply serve to better concentrate in the person during the ritual. Some people will insist on using hair believing that it will work best because it is more personal. So I will tell you how to do love spells with hair. Read more

Attraction Spells – 5 Barriers to Cast Psychic Love Spells

Many people read about attraction spells and collect recipes. Most of them never act on them, sometimes not even in their whole lives. I know a guy who joined a secret society of occult character and the only ritual he has ever done is his first-degree initiation. He doesn’t improve his life with psychic love spells, which is why it sucks. There are certain factors that can prevent you from doing so. Read more

The Beginners Guide to Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo love spells are one of the most popular forms of magick, since it’s displayed in movies and TV series, where characters insert pins to a doll to affect another character. In reality, it’s not that different. Here’s how to cast basic voodoo love spells. Read more

How to Defend Yourself from Revenge Spells

Sometimes you make a comment to people that they misunderstand. Others, you really make it to annoy them because you can’t stand that their life is better than yours. There are people who are into the occult and can cast revenge spells on you. They won’t go around screaming it into the world. If you suspect a person that you offended is of this type, what’s left is only to protect yourself. Read more

Are Love Spells That Really Work an Act of the Devil?

People are always blaming the devil, even for their own bad deeds. “The devil made me do it.” “The world is as it is because of the devil.” People are so much afraid of the devil. Thus, they are concerned about it being involved in love spells that really work. And they are for a good reason, as it is well-known that there are people who make pacts with the devil. Read more

How to Put a Love Spell on Someone

Probably, you are too shy to approach your crush. You would prefer to have him or her madly in love for you to avoid the risk of rejection. That person could be unaware of your love and ignore you, despite of your efforts. This led you to wonder how to put a love spell on someone. Read more

Spell Caster – How To Spot A Fake Spell Caster

A spell caster specializes in bringing a positive change into his life through the art of magick, and sometimes chooses to put his abilities at others’ disposal. Some scammers look to take money out of people by pretending to be a spell caster. We have heard stories from people who trusted them and never got results. A few guidelines let you identify scammers which you want to do the soonest possible. Read more

Spells For Love – Many People Believe Spells For Love Are Not Real

People are unfamiliar with spells for love beyond Hollywood and TV. When the idea of them being real comes to mind, they may find it ridiculous. Many confuse magick with faith and religion. Unfortunately, the latter had all spirituality taken out from it and came to be all about keeping up with going to church on Sundays. Those who consider religion a definite authority think it is all there is to spirituality, getting discouraged and sometimes being led to atheism. Read more

Spells And Potions: How Safe Are Spells And Potions?

Magic has innumerable practices, out of which two of the most common are spells and potions. The reason is that they are aimed to alter reality according to our wishes and needs. Nonetheless, there are people, mainly religious fanatics, who scatter fear of spells and potions as a result of uncomprehending them. Therefore, when a person thinks on using spells and potions, he may ask how safe they are. Read more